Enjoy the peace in the light of evening

Feel the quality landscaping gardens with the great lightning effects which makes you speechless

Too many reasons to choose SV Garden

  • We have wide roads and open spaces which provides you the natural lights, polution free air with more freedom & safety.
  • At the evening time feel the satisfaction & peaceful atmosphere
  • As per government guidelines 25% wide roads & more open common plot space with less construction footprint design
  • Latest design with natural lights & pure air circulation
  • More trees & plant on the both side of wide roads to keep the temperature down
  • We covered 3 & 4 BHK rooms with different kind of designs which make you feel more secure & healthy life style
  • We have focus on outside facilities like Senior Citizen area, exercise, yoga, reading library, children play area, club house, etc.
  • 17 years of large experience of building development to provide you your own dream house.
  • Architecture, landscaping, water supply, drainage, electricity & other important points which we have covered.
We provide the Lifestyle

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